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nemonemini writes...

snip> What has this to do with anything? I am merely reflecting on the
danger of the left getting sidelined by excessively narrow version of
Darwinian science methodology that has allowed the genetic
fundamentalists to outflank them.

JD: As your words reveal, all historical sidelines and distractions appear
to have run their course.  All speculative *award winning ceremonies* have
come and gone in all fields and disciplines.  With, as always had to be the
case within *the childhood of our species*, no outright winner.
This not to say that the gathering of knowledge is not in itself worthwhile
but that much of the process, to date, has been set in an antagonistic
arena, completely in tune with the history of antagonistic society.

' The history of all hitherto society is the history of class struggle'.

And, as the vast majority at any period have been and still are bystanders
then, knowledge and its pursuit remained elitist and thus one sided.

What nemonemini refers to as the left is merely the residue of the
suspension of revolution.  That, during the recent period, other forms of
thought easily poo pooed the left was accomplished with no burden of proof
except that revolution had not occurred.   In the main the left retreated,
slightly shamefaced.

To take nemonemini's example, even Buddhism sees itself caricatured by
commercial interests.  No such approach is taken by our rulers to Marxism.
They among us all understand exactly the dangers that arise when that genie
comes from the bottle.

As, once again, whole countries and whole regions rumble with discontent
then, it's time for the left to re-birth itself, to shake off the defensive
burden of the recent past......i.e. time, for example, to bring socialism
out from the cloisters to its natural home.  Those bystanders are still
there.  And, quite obviously, they don't require tomes before they spring to
self-activity.   Indeed, their activities will shortly bring an end to *all*
antagonistic, speculative inquiries.

In short, scientific socialism was and is correct.



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