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On Fri, 21 Dec 2001 09:32:16 +0100
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> Meet your comrades for a beer. Collect as much money from each of
> them, you
> need to get 100 USD in total. Go to the next reliable computer shop.
> Buy the
> newest Red-Hat or Mandrake or SuSe-Linux distribution, take the rest
> of the
> money and buy one or two small books like "Linux for Beginners" or so.
> Find a
> computer, copy the CDs legaly as many times you need to give a set to
> each of
> the comrades.

Good advice Cmde. For those with bandwidth, the distributions are
available at no cost online.

Also, Ximian make a very good desktop system that tries to make things
as easy as possible for the new user to use. It too, as with most
software for Linux, is free.

> Install it (if you like together with windows). Use linux to
> communicate via
> net or mail.

You will soon never boot into your Windows partition again, I assure

> And you are: On the save side, no more breakdowns in the middle of
> your text,
> no lost data anymore.

And, no viruses, no endless restarting or rebooting, etc.

Perhaps those of us able to help should step forward and state location
and availabilites...

So without further ado, I'm in JHB, South Africa and will help whoever I
can here to setup and use Linux on their PCs.



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