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> Btw I like Wagner, too, as long as I don't have to listen to the words.

C'mon, Joan, if you do not listen to Wagner's words, you will fail to
understand the difference between his _Totalkunstwerk_ and the sappy lyrics
of contemporary Italian operas. It must be recognized that the Romantic
reactionarism that Wagnar - as a comrade in arms (sort of)of Marx and Engels
as a fellow revolutionary of 1848 -represented was also originally a
reaction to the crass capitalist materialism of his age and that his lyrics
are superb poetry - I still remember the shock I received when a former
girlfriend led me to watch a DVD of the first part of the "Ring"
tetralogy.Wagner must be understood in the (confused) ideological terms of
his own time. Fact is, I like him much better than Verdi or Puccini.

By the way, do you the fact that I'm a fan of Xena could in someway put me
in the field of fascism?

Carlos Rebello

> Joan Cameron

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