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On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, Carlos Eduardo Rebello wrote:

> C'mon, Joan, if you do not listen to Wagner's words, you will fail to
> understand the difference between his _Totalkunstwerk_ and the sappy lyrics
> of contemporary Italian operas.

Carlos! Carlos! Carlos! Opera - ALL - opera is openly fascist! With their
overdrawn, larger-than-life characters, they seek to overwhelm the
audience through shear force of character. The human material they work
with is stilted archetype, frozen in Sacred Time. It is grotesque, not to
be endured. It is of a same piece with those hideous, larger-than-life,
pseudo-Greek statues Hitler was so fond of, and that obscene fascist
architecture!  Revolting!

I encountered the Niebelungslied when I was 7 years old, when our family
was in Germany while my father was posted there with the Canadian Armed
Forces. I repeat, I was never fond of fairy stories because the magic is
always so arbitrary. When I discovered, at 17, that I had been lied to all
my life by care-givers and society in general, I developed a committment
to truth-telling: I take seriously the obligation for Marxists to "rend
the veil of obfuscation of human relations."

We all need our escapist entertainment from time to time. And at times
like that, precisely because we suspend judgement, all our deepest social
training is activated - and much of that material is reactionary indeed.
This is one reason it should remain private: no one should sit in
judgement on us when we are not exactly ourselves.

If you are a Xena fan, you probably have a campy sense of humour such as I
enjoy. I can put up with her from time to time; but, she gets on my nerves
real easy.

If you're a sports fan, well, you're not going to like this next bit. Team
spirit promotes primitive communism; and competition is a capitalist
value. So, I guess that means the whole working class is reactionary, hm?
and the revolution is doomed and we're all wasting our time on this list.

Joan Cameron

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