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> Questions to jaquero, Nestor, and other comrades in Argentina:


> My questions are, 'Is it a fact that reformism is weaker in Argentina 
> now, compared to 1989?' 'Do you think that the revolutionary left is 
> stronger in Argentina now than it was in 1989?' and, 'can you 
> describe the left in Argentina and the role it is playing in the 
> curent mobilizations?'

I will answer according to my own vision of things, according to which any 
political definition in Argentina must include the "national / antinational" 

Then, we have a "national revolutionary left" and an "antinational 
revolutionary left", a "national reformism" and an "antinational reformism", a 
"national conservatism" and an "antinational conservatism". Moreover, we also 
have a "national revolutionary reformism" and an "antinational revolutionary 
reformism" as well. 

What I would say, and I don't know if this is an answer to Anthony's question, 
is that the national camp has been suddenly strengthened. The whole society is 
turning towards a confrontation with imperialism that has taken twelve years to 
take place. 

In this sense, "reformist" positions (understanding as such those which intend 
to reach an agreement with imperialism) are tremendously weaker today than in 
1989. In 1989 the enemy was in full offensive, with the actual coups d'Etat 
that were the hyperinflations. People was brutally demobilised, and this 
situation provided the ground for the heinous plant of defeatism to thrive. 
This plant sent its branches all across the social body of Argentina, and thus 
weakened all revolutionaries.

As to the "revolutionary left", well, I can't but sound a little sectarian 
here. In my own view, the only "revolutionary left" in Argentina is that kind 
of left which roots in the traditions set by the Argentinean working class in 
1945. And if you ask me, yes, the groups in this general section of Argentinean 
political mind and action are growing and getting more confident (and 
stronger). A couple of years ago my group was approaching catastrophe.

Today, not only individuals have been coming to our ranks, also whole groups 
which are establishing agreements of close cooperation. Many of these groups 
were "reformist", apolitical, groups some years ago. Now they come to us 
because we are political, _and because of our specific politics_.

As to describing the left here, it is too long. But I will tell you what did we 
in the Partido de la Izquierda Nacional do. First of all, of course we were 
with the people at the struggle place. I had the pleasure of moving to the 
Plaza de Mayo the mobilisation that had arisen in my own neighborhood. Others 
were confronting police, tear gas and all the show. All of us are safe, by the 
way.  And we contacted the rebel unions to tell them two things:

(a) it is one thing to have Cavallo expelled by the IMF, and another thing to 
have him expelled by people in the streets (ten days before the whole 
mobilisation took place, not that we _knew_ it was to happen, but we wanted the 
rebel unions to head the movement that we had begun to smell in the wind), and

(b) upon the declaration of the State of Siege the rebel unions should launch 
an immediate general strike until De la Rúa resigned.

They did not heed the ideas in due time (both they followed but when it was too 
late: the same thing happened in 1945, by the way, people left to the streets 
before the CGT decreed the general strike of October). But some were in full 
agreement with us.

Other comrades are trying to give shape to the new form of national front, 
linking lower petty bourgeoisie with workers, in different places the country 

The future is a complete mistery.

Well, this is what I had to say. Don't know if it is useful.

> Thanks.
> All the best, Anthony 

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