Different kinds of worms

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar
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el 22 Dec 01, a las 13:33, Les Schaffer dijo:

> do you think that Bush administration would have done (intended to do)
> something to prop up de la Rua if they weren't so busy "smoking"
> people out of Afhgan caves?

There was nothing they could do. As Carlos Rebello exposed, we Argentineans 
have returned to the tradition of large mass mobilisations. It is interesting 
to realize that the last time a similar thing had taken place it had been in 
the Phillipines and in favor of the United States. We have simply begun the 
long walk ahead once again.

There is nothing they can do against a whole urban nation in the streets.

Nothing save for genocide.

> les schaffer

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