Viva Argentina: contradictions

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> Victory to the Peoples demand for Food and debt liquidation. 

The new President, Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, has already announced that there will 
be an immediate plan for social help which will put an end to hunger. The 
budget that will go to that plan will increase at least 50 times the budget 
allocated by De la Rúa (from 7 to 350 million dollars). Argentina has also 
declared that we shall not pay a single additional cent of the debt until a 
negotiation is achieved. More important: all the issues related to debt 
management will be sent to the Congress (that is, what will be done is simply 
to follow the Constitution, something that the Foreign Debt movement has been 
requesting all the time), and in the Congress there are Diputados 
(Representatives) who have already begun the debate on the Alejandro Olmos 
trial, which has demonstrated that the debt is illegal and illegitimate.

> Victory for the full Restoration of Pensions

The general impression is that the new President is decided to at least refund 
the state pensions system.

> Victory over imperial financial strangulation and humiliation.

 The central issue in Argentina has changed. The question "And how will you do 
that, where will you get the money from?" is out of any debate now.

The wind is changing.

Please don't imagine that I am supporting Rodríguez Saá. I am simply stating 
that the first consequences of the mobilisations are felt even at the highest 
levels of power.

By the way: the new Minister of Labor is Oraldo Britos, a historic leader of 
the combative fractions of the Labor movement.

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