The political lineage of our new President

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[I am translating the part of the article of Corbiére where he exposes the 
political lineage of Adolfo Rodríguez Saá. This may prove a very important 
piece of knowledge for those who will see him in action]

The new president comes down from a traditional family in San Luis, among whose 
members are the Federal caudillos Francisco, Felipe and Juan Saá (this was the 
famous "Lanza Seca" [great leader of the gaucho masses against the Mitrista 
party during the 1860s]. Francisco Saá married a Ranquel indian, who bore a 
girl by name Feliciana, from who descends an homonim of the current president, 
Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, and Conservative Leader in the Liberal Democrat Party of 
San Luis. In 1933 he was a National Senator when he died on June 16th.
The Lucio Lucero family has kinship relations with the Saás; one of the 
daughters of Lucio,  Enriqueta, married the German Marxist engineer
Germán Ave Lallemant, one of the founders of the Socialist Party of Argentina 
who, settled in San Luis, engineered the Unión Cívica in that province until he 
died. Thus, he was an intimate friend with Teófilo Sáa, the son of  “Lanza 
Seca”, and the first Radical governor as an outcome of the 1893 revolution (the 
Radical revolution of 1893 was the first one led by Hipólito Yrigoyen, the 
popular leader who mixed immigrants and Creoles in a massive popular party.

[If I am not wrong, the Lucero family has among its members the popular 
nationalist General Franklin Lucero, one of the most revolutionary and 
democratic military who supported Juan Domingo Perón. Betrayed by Perón, Lucero 
retired to his own finca in San Luis, where he died]

[These particulars on "little province" politics may be definitive when 
appraising the intentions of Rodríguez Saá. His ideas are, partly, those that 
lie beneath Leonardo Favio's films. It is a peculiar, very Argentinean, 
conservative and popular nationalism, which is a characteristic of many of our 
best Presidents. Of course, it is important to see him on the move, but this 
lineage is not meaningless. Rodríguez Saá, a man who was turned Peronist by the 
mass upheavals of the late 60s and early 70s, and with an upbringing by an 
outstanding <right-wing> Catholic nationalist such as Steffens Soler, must have 
a certain interest in things historic, particularly those which impinge on his 
own life]

Not the worst possibility, I insist. We shall see. Something is clear, however: 
we must begin to prepare our weapons because important battles lie ahead.

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"Orden General del 27 de Julio de 1819". 

Compañeros del exercito de los Andes. 

...La guerra se la tenemos de hacer del modo que podamos: 
sino tenemos dinero, carne y un pedazo de tabaco no nos 
tiene de faltar: cuando se acaben los vestuarios, nos 
vestiremos con la bayetilla que nos trabajen nuestras mugeres, 
y sino andaremos en pelota como nuestros paisanos los indios: 
seamos libres, y lo demás no importa nada...

...Compañeros, juremos no dejar las armas de la mano, hasta 
ver el país enteramente libre, ó morir con ellas como hombres 
de corage. 

Jose de San Martín.

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