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Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Dec 24 15:57:08 MST 2001

Stan wrote:

> Sorry, I'm going on... That's probably more than you wanted.

nope. just what the doctor ordered.

in general, am quite interested in the engineering and technical
aspects of all this stuff, but don't have much of a handle on the
strategy/tactics and operational aspects.

we should talk about SDI/MD and all that sometime. Lou recommended a
piece on SDI in December Harper's magazine which i will read in front
of a crackling fire tmw, hopefully, and then report to the list. maybe
that will kick off some discussion.

in terms of the pin-point bombing, i am trying to understand the
connection between high-accuracy bombing and the levels of civilian
casualties, as per Marc Herold's report.

by the way, do you know where i could find declassified info on
bomb-sight accuracy tests? am curious to correlate those with stuff
like "mistaken strike" on red cross building in afghanistan (or was
that later admitted to be a target because of supposed Taliban
theft??? cant keep it all straight).

> There is a warfighting theory that stays "inside" battlefield chaos,
> based on the OODA Loop, which I won't go into here, but it requires
> emphasis on developing the soldiers' and small units' basic skills
> and resourcefulness

stuff like this:


gee, i wonder if this is why thea air force used to fund so much of
the chaos theory research??:


c.f. http://www.belisarius.com/

does any of this actually mean anything tactically, today???

les schaffer

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