FW: A Too Easy Victory - Uri Avneri

sherrynstan at igc.org sherrynstan at igc.org
Mon Dec 24 18:29:37 MST 2001

<snip>in terms of the pin-point bombing, i am trying to understand the
connection between high-accuracy bombing and the levels of civilian
casualties, as per Marc Herold's report.<snip>

I'm an old grunt, and I don't have any insight into the specific technologies.  I am suspicious, though, about "accidents" like the Chinese Embassy and the Red Cross.  As for civilian casualties, being able to fly a Snake Eye Bomb through a 3x3 foot window doesn't change its lethal radius... which is well over 3 feet.  And by now, we've all heard how these hi-tech cash cows, like the Patriot Missiles, can perform correctly a whopping 40 percent of the time.  Finally, some of the guys who do this stuff actually develop a taste for it.  When you write them that blank check to wield the power of God, they just get to enjoying it.  In Vietnam, they were called thrill kills... just for the hell of it.  I talked to a Cobra pilot once that said he felt his life was over after Vietnam, because there was nothing that could compare to "greasing" people.  The breadth of human possibilities.  Yes.

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