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el 25 Dec 01, a las 13:12, Carlos Eduardo Rebello dijo:

> Of course, the fact that Brazil is enormous renders such a project of
> passive absorbtion into the imperialist order to seem clearly inviable. But
> still, there are Brazilian gusanos, 

I have never given too much credit to the semi-fascistic formations which 
preach for a secession of Southern Brazil. 


In 1932, the Sao Paulo bourgeoisie led a secessionist movement with subdued 
backing from the US. In 1964, the American Embassy is said to have had a plan 
to split Brazil if the coup did not succeed.

It is my impression that the long years of military dictatorship have left, at 
least, the good outcome of a unified Brazil. But I might be wrong.

Could Carlos expand on this theme, which would turn out to bring to life less 
"enormous" states and more gusanos?

Anyway, all the above is highly hypothetical and I don't believe too much in 
the possibility. But one never knows...

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