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Tue Dec 25 12:24:22 MST 2001

Thank you Nestor for your quick and detailed reply to my posting of 
the Frontline article on Argentina. Let me assure you I in no way 
feel personally attacked by your critique of the article. I know from 
personal experience the journalistic methods of my former comrades - 
which always tended toward a mix of good reporting, wishful thinking, 
exageration, and even lies. When I was a member of that movement I 
struggled against that mix - with some small success in the USA 
(though perhaps I never overcame my own wishful thinking.

As your comments pionted out, some part of the information was good 
and even insightful. I thank you for helping untangle those parts 
from the rest.

Some of your commentary was a little off, but proably because of the 
quickness of your reply - one was certainly a misreading of the 

I am in no doubt that your honesty is above reproff, and that my 
former comrades do not know the meaning fo the word.

Having said that, I am not endorsing either your political positions, 
or my former comrades political positions in the current crisis.

Saá may indeed want to return to the radical nationalism of Peron, 
but it appears to me that there is more at work.

My questions relate mostly to the conflict between Europe and the 
United States which lurks beneath the issue of paying the foreign 
debt - and specifically the fierce competitition between the Spanish 
and US banks going on throughout Latin America.

I will post on this issue, and others related to your country as soon 
as I can.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 12/25/2001

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