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> In the third world, one needs to make a distinction between progressive
> bourgeois and right wing bourgeois nationalisms. Military itself cannot
> guarantee an anti-imperialist/nationalist agenda if not backed by socialism and
> working class. After all, what we need is an anti-imperialist nationalism that
> would lead to class unity, not a chauvinist militarism that is in the service of
> imperialism and class enemy.

Yes, Xxxx. Of course. The above is absolutely right and in a sense ABC.

I was thinking of something completely different. There are times when even a 
pro-imperialist regime in the Third World can further some basic necessities of 
the formation. If all were black or white history would be too dull. It is my 
idea that the military regime in Brazil was more complex than a simple puppett 
of the United States of America. There is a whole complex of social classes 
WITHIN Brazil to which this regime kept strong links, and whose interests may 
have been slightly different to those of the USA.

Just guessing.

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