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Dear Anthony, next time you visit Argentina I will have a good bottle of wine 
to drink together. Promise. Now, on to your lines.

En relación a Forwarded from Anthony (reply to Nestor), 
el 25 Dec 01, a las 14:24, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Saá may indeed want to return to the radical nationalism of Peron, 
> but it appears to me that there is more at work.

It doesn't matter whether he _wants_ or not. The situation has been radically 
changed by the mobilisations, and he is not dumb. Anyway, of course, he is a 
bourgeois politician (and you know what does _this_ mean in my own language) 
and we should do what Fidel does: Hic Rhodos, hic salta. You said you would 
confront, confront them then!

> My questions relate mostly to the conflict between Europe and the 
> United States which lurks beneath the issue of paying the foreign 
> debt - and specifically the fierce competitition between the Spanish 
> and US banks going on throughout Latin America.

Yes, this is a major issue. Argentina doesn't know this but we can shake Spain 
in an unbelievable manner, and thus Western Europe. We have always been able to 
play a triangular game between Europe and the USA, where many times we used 
Europe against the USA. Maybe this is the first time we can think the whole 
thing in a different way. Your comment is very insightful, indeed. 

> I will post on this issue, and others related to your country as soon 
> as I can.

Eagerly waiting for your opinions.


Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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Compañeros del exercito de los Andes. 

...La guerra se la tenemos de hacer del modo que podamos: 
sino tenemos dinero, carne y un pedazo de tabaco no nos 
tiene de faltar: cuando se acaben los vestuarios, nos 
vestiremos con la bayetilla que nos trabajen nuestras mugeres, 
y sino andaremos en pelota como nuestros paisanos los indios: 
seamos libres, y lo demás no importa nada...

Jose de San Martín, 27 de julio de 1819.


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