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> Nestor, I don't know what you are  implying here, but are you defending
> military dictatorships? 

If you mean "proimperialist military dictatorships"  of course not. As to 
"national democratic" military dictatorships, well the thing that best 
represents this stuff today is the government of Chávez

You are putting in my mind more than I had. The only important fact that I 
cautiously (because of ignorance) wanted to advance was the idea that Brazil 
hadn't been able to establish a _materially_ unified national state before the 
military dictatorship of 1964. This can be seen, among others, in the 
difficulties of the Brazilian working class to establish a nationwide unions 
central, or the interesting detail that the PT has been organised, largely, as 
a national force by a foreign power, so to say: the Church.

Don't know if I am clear enough. Maybe Carlos can come to the rescue.

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