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Dear Professor Craven,
Thanks for your e-mail and interest in our Program. We have sponsored talks
on Native American genocides, by Chris Mato Nunpa and Ward Churchill (see
the list of speakers for our fall 2000 seminars at
http://www.yale.edu/gsp/casestudies.pdf or click on the 'Case Studies'
button on the Genocide Studies Program home page at www.yale.edu/gsp). Last
January here at Yale we also co-sponsored, with the Gilder Lerman Center
for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, a joint forum on
Slavery and Genocide, in which I presented a paper comparing the genocides
of Australian Aborigines and Native Americans, and Kevin McBride gave a
paper about the Pequots and Slavery. I have written about Native American
genocides; see for instance
I look forward to reading what you have kindly sent me, and if you give me
a mailing address, I'll send you any paper we receive from Samantha Power
for her Feb. 28 talk. I don't know whether she plans to cover pre-1900
events or Native American cases, but I'll pass on your comments for her
Yours sincerely,
Ben Kiernan.

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