Gender, Race and Class - Belated reply

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Wed Dec 26 18:36:03 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,

Victor writes.....

snip> We know now that everything is corrupted, commodified by capital, even
>BODIES!!  Bodies are perhaps the most commodified thing out there
>(Billboards, internet, etc.)  There is no hiding from capital.. the family
>is corrupted, our bodies, our private "individual" lives, our food, nature,
>the public sector, art, literature, education, sports, tropical islands
>are all exploited by capitalism.

JD:  As Victor knows, commodified labour power is the essential, value
embodying use value of capital.
Now, if LP will allow a digression, (even for festive (?) reasons).....the
following wee offering...

'The Hidden Hand'

The hidden hand holds our world in its palm
We strive all day at its tips.
The hidden hand plays its song in our ears
Its babble reversing our lips.
The hidden hand sucks life to itself
We’re dragged along in its flow-
Struggle for air in a land of despair
Dazzled, by what?
We don’t know.

The hidden hand blasts love to its needs leaves only the mirror of self.
Trying to meet in the clamorous street,
We settle for what’s on the shelf.

It measures our pains in its losses or gains,
Wallets its number one hits.
We’re served with its pap
And fatten its lap
By selling our lives for small sips.
At work or at play it determines our day,
Ticks side our bed of a night.
Freedom is false we follow its pulse,
Can’t run away from its sight.
Minds in a mist through its constant white hiss
Bodies the prize that it seeks.
The power that we have it steals for its own,
Wage minutes, for long hours and hard weeks.
It won’t let you go for you are its foe
Its needs only you can supply.
Cuts up your life into moments of strife.
Darkens the light in your eye.


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