Christmas 2001 by Arthur Miller

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Wed Dec 26 23:36:29 MST 2001

Evidently, Arthur Miller is familiar only with liberal Christianity and
its sanitized Bible. He is unaware of the "Dark Side".

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, George Snedeker wrote:

> Christmas 2001 by Arthur Miller
> posted by Reverend Chuck0 on Monday December 24 2001 @ 12:56PM PST
> The day of giving this year I seem to have more questions than
> answers. I am not a Christian, for I cannot see your Messiah Jesus
> through the layers of deceit and decadence that his followers place
> before his image.

This is not surprising, since Jesus himself practiced deceit according to
Mark 4:11-12, preaching in parables "lest they be converted".

> I cannot understand his well-off followers who hoard such great wealth
> in shameful gluttony, all the while millions of children have but one
> wish upon Christmas day, a real meal.

Jesus promised his followers wealth "a hundred-fold" if they gave up
everything to follow him. Mark 10:29-30. He also said, "The poor ye shall
have with you always" Mark 14:7.

And at Proverbs 31:6-7 we have, " Give strong drink to he who is ready to
perish, and wine to those that be of heavy heart. Let him drink, and
forget his poverty and remember his misery no more."

> I don't understand Christians at war.

Jesus demanded that his enemies be slain in Luke 19:27. The Exodus account
is full of stories of genocide and atrocity, and Jeremiah 48:10 demands
death for unbelievers.

Joan Cameron

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