(Spa) An Argentinean economist forecast the

Edward George ebgeorge at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 27 00:58:58 MST 2001

Legowitz at aol.com writes

I do not understand Spanish, so would you be able to send me a copy of those 
e-mails in English.

A serious suggestion regarding this. A good deal of stuff-especially 
now-gets posted to this list in Spanish, which not everyone can read. 
Particularly now, Néstor's (and others') stuff is so valuable that it is 
worthy of translation and a wider dissemination. Néstor clearly can't 
translate it all himself (I still don't know how he's be able to do all that 
he does already). There are clearly a few of us on this list who can 
translate, even if in a rudimentary fashion. Obviously, one person couldn't 
translate all this stuff, that'd be a full-time job, but a team of us could, 
if not all of it then the most important things. So I seriously suggest that 
we set up a translation team, which could, between ourselves and working 
with the moderator, decide what needs and can be done, and do it. This has 
occured to me before, but the emerging situation in Argentina makes me want 
to do something about it a bit more pressingly.

What do you think?



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