Christmas 2001 by Arthur Miller

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Thu Dec 27 06:08:45 MST 2001

Anyone interested in Biblical contradictions, absurdities and atrocities
should try and get hold of The Bible Handbook by GW Foote and WP Ball,
published in London by the Secular Society. I've got the tenth edition,
published in 1953, so it will need a request at a good library to borrow a
copy. It lists every stupidity, contradiction and atrocity in the Bible, and
there's plenty of them. For instance, the Amalekites were slaughtered to the
last person three times over. Were the editors of the Bible so arrogant that
they didn't think that bright sceptical people might actually read the whole
thing and make comparisons between one bit and another? My favourite
absurdity/atrocity is the condemning to death of anyone who eats black
pudding, a popular English dish made of pig's blood (Leviticus vii/26-27). I
like asking Bible-bashers whether this still stands as Biblical law.

Perhaps this book should go up on the net to help secular people deal with

Paul F

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