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Thu Dec 27 08:24:02 MST 2001

To have a "Revolution," not a "revolution," all classes would have to come
together to change the present form of government, economy.....

For when it is just one oppressed people that start a "Revolution," it can
really only be a "revolution."(As Victor states) This is because all the
people who are not part of this revolution, or the oppressors, would become
either the oppressed - or would not be living as well as the formerly
oppressed revolutionaries. This was seen with Mao's revolt in China - The
oppressed low-class workers overthrew their land-lords, making life much
better for themselves, but making life much much worse for their landlords
and such. This isn't a revolution, it's just switching the class system so
that the lowest class becomes the highest class and vice-versa.
Also, a revolution headed by one singular oppressed people, does not
particularly help all other oppressed peoples. For example, if the "Women's
Rights Movement," were to head a revolution and succeed - The "Child Labor
Rights," or the Union Organizations fighting against sweatshops - might not
be helped anymore then they are presently.

But even a revolution headed by all oppressed peoples would not work - simply
because their immediate concerns are nowhere close to the concerns of people
who are not oppressed.

A real REVOLUTION, would require all classes uniting to form a greater nation.

But as we all know, there isn't a great chance that the computer and oil
tycoons, and all other rich capitalists of today - would join with the low
classes and sweatshop workers to make things better. This is obviously
because they already have it good, and therefore would see no reason for a

Even so, we cannot start a Revolution, without them.

I'm open to any ideas of either how to convince the Bill Gates of today how
conditions would improve for them. Or - what do we do if they do not want a
Revolution, (as they already have it good)


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