Leviticus and Black Pudding

Edward George ebgeorge at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 27 09:38:48 MST 2001

>>My favourite
>>absurdity/atrocity is the condemning to death of anyone who eats black
>>pudding, a popular English dish made of pig's blood (Leviticus vii/26-27).
>>like asking Bible-bashers whether this still stands as Biblical law.

>Is it inhumane to want to spare people from English cuisine?

Let's not talk too much of English cuisine, shall we: black pudding is eaten
a good deal in Wales (and I'd suspect in Scotland too) so we should be
talking about 'British state cuisine'. Anyhow, black pudding is not too
healthy so when I ate it I ate it sparingly. Now I've left those things
behind and I live in Spain, enjoying the delights of the Mediterranean
cuisine. And lo and behold! One of the delights to be enjoyed in this part
of Spain is a dish that goes under the name of Morcilla de Burgos, a sausage
made from onion, pig's blood and spices. Completely indistinguishable from
the best black pud! Down with Leviticus!



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