Gender, Race and Class - Belated reply/Reply

Thu Dec 27 09:44:54 MST 2001

I concur with the analysis put forth. Specifically, "identity politics" is
more accurate, since "sector logic" contradicts the meaning of sector. I have
some misgiving about the piece on gender and would like to withdraw it and
chalk it up to too much eggnog. The analysis on the differentiation of roles
based on the composition of foodstuff and its labor intensity is really good.

The source reference for my understanding of the polarity that exist as
alkaline and acid is the book "Acid and Alkaline" by Herman Aihara. Along
with Professor Arnold Ehert books "Thus Speaketh the Stomach," "Mucusless
Diet Healing System" and "Rational Fasting" my current framework for the
organic composition of the body and its functioning developed.

I have a tad bit too much emotions invested in the discussion. My baby
brother died of aids. My mother - a nurse in the traditional and real sense,
advocate an approach which I considered alchemy and sent baby brother to the
death watch on the aids ward. I spent a small fortune securing herbs from
China and Honduras that produced what the doctors called a "Miraculous"
recovery in thirty days. Baby brother was homosexual and an exceptionally
sharp and gorgeous man. He was reinfected and gave up, relying upon the
alchemist potions and theory of the chemical scientist.

Mother, who I loved beyond comprehension, died of cancer and could not
conceive of medicine outside the alchemist equation. Father died of prostate
cancer and no one would have known he was suffering if his second wife was
not also a nurse. After a successful operation, he insisted on going to the
bathroom by himself and fell on the floor and injured himself and upset the
surgery. In his proletarian stubbornness and "manliness" he bleed to death,

August 1983, in route to the demonstration in Washington to make Martin
Luther King Jr., national holiday I was critically injured when someone
dropped a chunk of cement from an overpass. The doctors wanted to amputate
two fingers on my left hand, my left eye was almost knocked out of the socket
and the left lung was punctured. This began my quest for a radical
understanding of the mechanics of biology and botany. Six months later the
doctors declared my complete recovery a miracle. My diet was radically
changed as the basis of purging the body ("bleeding") and purifying the blood
to strengthen cellular regeneration.

During the early 1990s while working as a drug counselor there were many
patients dying and who died from aids, or rather the "solution" to aids
offered by the chemical scientist. For six months I pondered the question
"why do the patients with aids live longer" taking nothing. This lead to an
examination of the environment and dialectic of "nothing." From this moment
several books were written trying to unravel the mechanics of crack cocaine
addiction, the anatomy of criminality as a specific behavior under
capitalism, and papers on the validity of nothing - purging the body as the
fundamental mechanism to cure any disease (not including the genetic diseases
created by the chemical scientist. The book on criminality became the 12 Step
Book for Felon Anonymous and created the conception of the criminal addict
and the addict criminal.

In 1998 I began experimenting on myself, using as a theoretical framework the
polarity of acids and alkaline. Using herbs rich in iron phosphate - with a
pH balance of at least 7.0, I dropped from 190 lb. and a waist/waste size of
37 to 147lbs and a waste/waist of 30. This caused me to lose an election
because people thought I had aids or was smoking crack cocaine. I wrote the
process down and each stage of this process and it is remarkable. My approach
was not "what is the right thing to eat" but "why do human being eat," "what
is eating," "what constitutes the unity of biology in man" and "what is the
dialectic of eating nothing."

The conclusion was remarkable and before long all the ministers in the
neighborhood was visiting our home for herbs and cures to disease, in as much
as capital cannot cure anyone because the cycle of profits is broken. Sickle
cell anemia was a specific problem but the conception of the disease - dis -
ease, is not understood. Its curable on the basis of alkalinity and iron

While at home one day a mysterious visitor appeared at my door and said "we
have the cure of Ebola Zaire." I was floored but understood what had to be
done as a cure. I did not and to this day do not know the specific
combination of organic substances to effect a cure.

My point is that theory is an abstraction of the results of centuries of
"practice." Identity politics articulate the pains and suffering of section
of society. I will never use sector politics again because it is the wrong
concept. Biology is exceptionally important as a front of the social
revolution, because capital won't cure us of the common cold. This question
of homosexuality is not difficult but I am to close to it and grieve the lost
of my brother and mother. Dad exist in another category because of the way he
was kicking mom's ass and everyone else. He was the bully of the community
and the police feared him.

Well, I am back up to 180 lb., drinking to much eggnog and 40 pounds of this
mass is shit. Allow me to bow out humbly and stick to analysis of new modes
of production and other class factors. I withdraw from the discussion of

"With hat in my muthedrfuding hand"

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