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Thu Dec 27 09:55:03 MST 2001

So you suggest we stop taking oil, iron, lead, etc. from the Earth's crust.
It sounds like a great idea - but how could it ever work.

My Human Parasite Theory:

Humans are, in a sense, parasites. Just like a virus lives in your body,
unless treated, and and exhausts your "resources" until you die - Humans do
the same thing. We live on earth, and we are exhausting Earth of its
resources, and someday we will kill Earth.
But unlike most viruses, there is not an easy cure for the "Human virus."
There are two possible cures, one of which it is too late for. The one which
it is too late for is a natural catastrophy, such as a meteorite hitting
earth, or a massive famine for years and years. But those wouldn't work this
late in the game, for humans would somehow figure out a solution to those
The other cure to the Human virus, is similar to the cure for the flu. The
cure for the flu, is simply a very weak (or dead, I'm not sure) version of
the flu injected into your blood stream before flu season starts. Now the
cure for the human virus would be likewise, humans. In other words, the Human
virus can only be cured by humans.

(This is my way of saying what Victor said, "The working class, because of
its direct links in the system that is raping the human and natural resources
of the planet, must eventually lead the way to end that system.  Easier said
than done but that is what needs to be done.")

It sounds pessimistic, but we are the only mammal that cannot adapt. We make
the earth adapt to us.

As always, I'm open to any ideas of what you think of my theory.


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