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Yes, something like Villa´s economics would be extraordinary. But up 
to now Rodríguez Saá is trusting some mainstream Peronist economists, 
maybe out of careful political action. However, mainstream economics 
is not precisely what we need here. No money can exist without a 
strong political will backing it. And this is something economists, 
as technicians, take for granted.

In fact, the actual test of how good will Rodríguez Saá be is 
precisely the confrontation with the financial powers and 
particularly the privatized companies which will almost certainly 
refuse to take the new currency, the "argentino", as payment for the 
bills. These are -by contract- established in hard currency because 
the prices they charge are automatically modified according to US 
inflation, and of course the utilities have been completely free to 
make any remittance abroad.

If Rodríguez Saá bends in front of these monsters, then we shall have 
to begin again. It is not impossible, but we should wait and see. His 
grand-grand-grand father was much of an Argentinean Pancho Villa, in 
fact. Hope family histories have had an imprint on Adolfo Rodríguez 

For the time being, what he is doing is to crush the competitive 
Peronist leaders. He has already managed to bring

Duhalde and Ruckauf to their knees, now the bone of contention will 
be his candidacy as against that of either Kirchner or de la Sota. 
Kirchner is some kind of a "leftist" Peronist, but he is much too 
leftist to be able to take serious measures without fearing foreign 
extortion (Rodríguez Saá would laugh at that extortion, if we should 
judge from his political background), and de la Sota is simply the 
representative of the American embassy within Peronism.

Times of struggle lie ahead. It would be wonderful to see Adolfo 
calling to a mass gathering at the Square in order to back up the 
government against the multinationals. Times are pressing, and he 
needs to accumulate enough power in order to do that. The CGT leaders 
have offered him full support (but with a warning: "No blank checks 
issued by us any more"), after he announced he will send a law to 
Congress overruling the recent reforms to the Labor Code.

If he does not take such a course, or a similar one, sooner or later 
people will tread on him. At the same time, he needs to accumulate 
power and to prepare a mass mobilisation which requires that power to 
be called succesfully.

 Shall we see workers on the Square soon? Hope so. 

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 12/27/2001

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