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Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters wrote:

> Why are the liberals
> consciences soothed?  How does this have to do with reactionaries
> shortchanging masses in education?  I think the shorthand got too short
> to unpack.

Perhaps my comments assumed too much familiarity with educational trends, which,
if the truth be told, are almost always purely and simply in the interests of the
institutions and their public relations.

The linguistic argument isn't essential, only the question of investing resources
in the education of workingclass and minority students.  In my area, there's
little school district management of the schools beyond state regulation, but the
funding of those schools depends on the tax base.  The poorer your district, the
crappier the school.  And the power structure is quite content with anything that
will make it less answerable for remedying the situation.

Mark Lause

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