Punk rock announcement from Sander Hicks

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 29 09:18:54 MST 2001

[After drinking 6 cups of coffee, I'll be attending Sander's New
Years Eve gig. Hope to see other New Yorkers there.]

hi folks.

for those of you in the NYC metro area this new year's weekend, I'd
like to invite you to come to a couple of intimate little  parties
involving some music, punk rock, community and beer.

tomorrow, saturday night, the 29th, its new punk rock at Desmond's
Tavern (433 Park Ave South at 29th Street)

i ran into this raw, young, passionate, mod/pop punk band named
Entrope out here in a bar in Levittown, and I booked 'em for  this
show. They play at 11 PM. And at 10 PM, it's The Nerve, circus new
wave without animal tricks, because that would be  cruel to animals.
So come and be a substitute for the animals. It's $5, and there are
surprise guests.

on December 31, I'm pleased to announce what may be the cheapest way
to have a blast on New Year's Eve. White Collar  Crime is playing the
Boog Lit party at C-Note, on 157 Avenue C (@ 10th Street), in the
same Manhattan. Check out the review  below, we're getting compared
to Crass, Dead Kennedys and a lot of other bands that my bandmates
never would listen to. Go  figure. On Dec. 31, it's only $8 to get
in, we go on at 11:45 and we're playing a U2 cover! There are a ton
of other notable  performers, so I think I'll paste in the offical
email about this.

Happy New Year! It's gonna get better, it's gotta.

Love, Sander at softskull.com

white collar crime
their laws are dimwit greed
(soft skull press)

Growing up on the streets of lower Manhattan ages you quickly.
Especially in the early 1980's when hanging out on the now
impossibly-trendy East Village was like milling through a warzone.
Politically charged bands like the Dead Kennedys, Crass and
Rudimentary Peni supplied the soundtrack on boomboxes up and down
Avenue A. Spontaneous squat gigs were required attendances. I'm sure
White Collar Crime would have fit perfectly in that scene. Because
what they're doing-as individual activists, as an autonomous
collective-is far more radical than anything put forth by today's
crop of two-chords-and-a-40-ounce-driven crusties. No guitars,
Lounge, Beat and jazz tempos and poetic lyrics concerning everything
you're supposed to hate-racism, sexism, globalization and the
corporate oligarchy. You'll just have to pay closer attention. The
most radical DKs record never made. A solid @ plus!

-Bryan Swirsky, The Big Takeover

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at panix.com on 12/29/2001

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