New cacerolazo in Buenos Aires.

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Sun Dec 30 09:14:14 MST 2001

> Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 23:30:07 -0500
> From: Gustavo Westerkamp <wester12 at>
> Subject: New Cacerolazo in Buenos Aires city
> people dont want to delegate more to the corrupt politicians of the
> establishmnet their representation.

> are at the edge of a new age.

See Nestor's reply, that puts the problem into an entire new light. We 're ,
I think, VERY FAR froma new age in Argentina, as long as this kind of
moralistic, petit-bourgeois ranting about well-known individual instances of
corruption (and the compliance of notables' higher courtes with it)does not
disappear to the profit of a THROUGHLY critique of neoliberalism. The 1992
Brazilian manifestations against Collor, which were  hailed as the dawn of
an ideologically free New Age for Brazilian politics, only served to
legitimize the position of the old ruling elite as against the upstart
Collor and to pave the way for the Professor Doctor Cardoso, a prizewinner
upstart who, thanks to his respectful stance towards the vested interest,
quickly managed in the least 7 years to outstrip Collor by far in all
matters. Nothing could be more of a sorry mistake to take these middle-class
self-righteousness as somekind of a "New Age".

Carlos Rebello

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