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US wins Spain's favour with offer to share spy network material 
Date: 18/06/2001

By Isambard Wilkinson in Madrid 

The United States has agreed to share highly classified material from 
the Anglo-American Echelon intelligence network with the Spanish 
Government to help Madrid's battle against the Basque separatist 
group ETA.

Echelon is a joint operation by the US National Security Agency and 
GCHQ, Britain's eavesdroppers. It was set up in 1948 by the US, 
Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and can intercept and 
decrypt information transmitted by code machines, emails, telephones 
and faxes.

The deal was alluded to by Mr Josep Piqué, Spain's Foreign Minister, 
who confirmed in general terms that the US had agreed to spy on ETA.

"It opens up a very promising field of action, so that we can 
definitely defeat terrorism." 

full: http://www.smh.com.au/news/0106/18/text/world11.html



The closing session of the 10th Ibero-American Summit, held in Panama 
City November 17-19, turned from a unanimous and general condemnation 
of "child poverty" into a sharp political confrontation between 
Salvadoran president Francisco Flores--backed by the government of 
Spain--and Cuban president Fidel Castro over who is responsible for 

The Cuban leader rejected the attempt to single out the Basque 
pro-independence group ETA for condemnation as "terrorist" in a 
resolution adopted at the conclusion of the summit. He focused 
attention on Israel's bloody repression of the Palestinian people and 
the U.S. government's terrorism, particularly its responsibility for 
the tens of thousands of deaths in El Salvador's civil conflict in 
the 1980s. The opening of the summit, which ended with language 
rarely heard in diplomatic circles, was preceded by a few hours with 
the arrest of CIA-trained terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and several 
other rightists by Panamanian police. 

He noted that the resolution "does not mention state-sponsored 
terrorism, and Cuba has had more victims of U.S. state-sponsored 
terrorism than anyone." 

The Cuban leader pointed to the hypocrisy of the Flores government in 
submitting the resolution, given that El Salvador is "where the 
leading terrorist [Posada Carriles] resides, and against whom nothing 
has been done, and who is now under arrest." 

While President José María Aznar and King Juan Carlos of Spain 
attended the summit, they chose not to play a visible role in pushing 
the "antiterrorism" resolution, leaving that to the Salvadoran 
regime. In a "private visit" to Madrid about a week prior to the 
summit, Salvadoran president Flores held discussions with Spanish 
officials and opposition Socialist Party figures, with "ETA 
terrorism" being one of the main topics. 

Josep Piqué, Spain's foreign minister, criticized Cuba for abstaining 
on the resolution. He warned that Cuba's stance would prevent the 
continuation of "a normal relationship." 

full: http://www.lanuevacuba.com/nuevacuba/notic-00-12-400.htm


WSWS : News & Analysis : Europe

Britain and Spain agree to negotiate constitutional changes in 
By Vicky Short 
1 December 2001

The foreign ministers of Britain and Spain, Jack Straw and Josep 
Piqué, met in Barcelona November 20 and agreed a six-month 
negotiation process to resolve the contentious constitutional issues 
surrounding Gibraltar’s status.

The 6.5 square kilometre outcrop at the southern tip of the Iberian 
Peninsula was seized by British naval forces in 1704, and was 
formally ceded to Britain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. Spain’s last 
attempt to take it back by force was in 1779.

full: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2001/dec2001/gib-d01.shtml



"On the beaches of Tangiers, thousands of people are lined up waiting 
their turn for the next illegal 'patera' (rowing boat), to carry them 
to Spain", commented Spain's Foreign Minister Josep Piqué. As to the 
drug problem, Piqué pointed out, "it is obvious that this is not 
being cultivated in Spain".

full: http://thereader.balearicsinfo.com/615/morocco.htm


Press Release
As part of his two-day official visit to Spain, Croatian Foreign 
Minister Tonino Picula has met today in Madrid his Spanish 
counterpart Josep Piqué. 

Minister Picula has outlined the social and political situation in 
Croatia and the region. He said that, with Spain being the sixth 
biggest foreign investor in the world, Croatia was keen to attract 
Spanish investments as soon as possible. Minister Piqué fully agreed 
with his Croatian counterpart that Croatia was a factor of stability 
in the region, and added that Spain considered Croatia a crucial 
factor of democratisation and security in this part of Europe. 


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