Afghanistan to Big Mountain - Censored Native Voices (english)

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Sun Dec 30 17:31:30 MST 2001

On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Hunter Gray wrote:

> Afghanistan to Big Mountain - Censored Native Voices (English)
> by Brenda Norrell -
> "Just observe the major television news networks. It's all 'Rah! Rah!'
> for the flag and gun-ho flag waving.

Hunter, do you receive the Aboriginal Television Network where you are?
Montana, right? It started airing here in Edmononton this September; but I
didn't notice it right away. I've caught a few episodes in a series on
tribal cultures of North America.

> Meanwhile, at the southern border of the United States, Pascua Yaqui border
> rights activist Jose Matus says all of the work done in recent years to halt
> abuse of Indigenous at the border was lost after the attacks in New York.

A similar militarization has occurred at the Canada-US border. I't
ludicrous, really, to imagine that it's possible to secure this 3,000 mile
long border with some 900 troops, when the much smaller US-Mexico border
cannot be secured by the presence of 9,000 troops.

The real role of the American troops on the Northern border is to bolster
Washington's claim that Canada is a "safe haven for terrorists", a claim
with which they have justified their demands to "harmonize" Canadian
internal policy - mostly customs and immigration policy - with the needs
of the Bush administration. Washington has been beating this drum for two
years, now, ever since the Millenium Bomber was caught at the Vancouver
border, headed to the L.A. airport with an explosive device in his car.
Washington, and their sycophantic elements in the Canadian media, has been
doing its darndest to convice us that there is a Canadian connection to
the Sept. 11 hijackers. So far, all the evidence points to a massive
failure on the part of U.S customs and immigration officials to prevent
the disaster.  According to a story in Pravda (reported by,
four of these hijackers had passports from "The Republic of Conch", a
publicity device created by a Floridian upset with out-of-state truck
licencing practices which he feels are prejudicial to Floridians.

Ever since Day One of the new war, I've been wondering what is the
distinction in Washington's mind between "a safe haven for terrorists",
and "harbouring terrorists" - not much, I'll wager. Our Illustrious
Leader, Jean Chretien, made very brave noises about the Canadian
government's intention that "Canadian laws will be made here in Canada";
but, these promises sounded very hollow in light of the fact that the
Canadian contingent of the "coalition" in Afghanistan has been under
direct order of the American president, not the Canadian military high

Anyone wishing to come to the G8 meeting in Kannanaskis next summer should
be alerted to the changed border situation. An indication of what to
expect can be found in reports on Ottawa indymedia about border detentions
of activists attempting to attend the G20 meeting in Ottawa last November.

I have been watching for comment from either you or Jim Craven about the
effect of all this on aboriginal activists who routinely cross the border
in ordinary pursuance of their work.

Joan Cameron

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