marxism-digest V1 #4307

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sun Dec 30 18:09:56 MST 2001

Hi Anthony,

    I don't understand a whole lot of what Jim said, either, that stuff
about "commodified labour power is the essential, value embodying use value
of capital." I hate hermeneutic writing (now look THAT one up ;-)). As I
understand it, the specific use value of capital, whether financial,
industrial, etc., is its ability to take up (or accrue) additional value
("congealed" labor). That is, indeed, in Vol. I of Capital. Specifically
where, I don't remember, as I'm more concerned with evolution of coral snake
mimics, these days!


> As far as I know capital has no specific use value. And, as far as I
> know the expression "commodified labor power" means "exchange value",
> not use value.

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