FROP and permanent arms industry

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Sun Dec 30 19:39:08 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,

Firstly, as others, I also say, as first port of call, read Marx.

JD:  On arms industry and capital accumulation in general:   (MIC..military
industrial complex)....

Yes, lack of real competition in arms industry gives false, and (often but
not for ever) bigger returns.   For example, snlt can be reduced but what
governments pay capitalists (as if they're not the same club) for goods is
more often than not greater than snlt. .  (exchange value)
And, of course, costs mysteriously rise during contract time.  etc.
Loosely, these practices fall under corruption within and between a cosy wee
club.  That is, business as usual.   As such, all empirical data should be
treated as suspect.  Thus, all speculation on same, as same,

Of course, the military industrial complex has (or had) its benefits for
capital in general.

IMO,.....some thoughts.....not necessarily in any structure.

If all of those taxes were spent on shop sold commodities then.....

1)    our darling non-military capitalists would be encouraged to produce
even more glut.

2)    that is, encouraged (indeed driven) to greater over capacity.

3)    Thus, recessions would occur even more frequently.

4)   Thus, there would be more frequent insecurity among workers.

5)    this gets capitalism and our darling capitalists an even worse name
than they rightly deserve, and more often.  And, delays accumulation in
general.  (i.e capitalists, in general, get more headaches....shame, eh?)

6)    Even more glut produced in even greater quantity of
competition.....lowers snlt  even more quickly. That is, the law of value
would even more quickly malfunction.  (the key)

7)    leading from more frequent recessions.....even more, for example,
mergers etc would occur.....more cartels...more need for price fixing. etc.
ie. more corruption.....and in times of more frequent crises.....corruption
is more obvious.

The above, as stated....not structured and not exhaustive.   And, not to be
viewed as capital and capitalists doing a PR job.

That our rulers do all that they can (as long as they can) to *delay*.....I
take for granted.

However, what drives the the progressive malfunction of the law
of value.  (period)

That they must and indeed do retard the forces of, for
them, a class driven necessity.

Should their activities also, for a while, keep the working class (in
certain key regions) lulled, is therefore good ruling class strategy.

The fact that capital accumulation within the MIC.....kills millions,
pollutes the planet, worries the hell out of humanity etc......does not
bring one iota of concern to the ruling class. (obviously)

Capital and thus the capitalist class are driven along  *the line of least

Only the self-activity of the working class can halt this (and all other)

end of some unstructured thought.



PS:  as there can now never again be as big a bogey-man as the Cold War
means that, for example, defence spending is harder to justify.   But even
then, the progressive malfunction of the law of value makes investment
dodgy.  Point.....analysis must focus on capital as an organic whole.  (in
its decline)  That is, focus on essence and not appearance.
Keeping class struggle to the fore.  Which, by definition, includes evolving
working class consciousness.

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