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Mon Dec 31 05:17:13 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,

Anthony writes....

snip> Otherwise I charge $30.00 (US) per hour for translation services.

JD:  Ah well, despite the fact that value is in decline, it is gratifying to
see that that old *capitalist* entreprenurial
spirit is alive and well.
I, of course, holding to the spirit of Marxism would never dream of charging
Anthony, as I unpackage much of the misinformation that he possesses vis a
vis *value*.
Or, should I say *attempt* the above.

And, in case anyone thinks that understanding of value is academic, it's
not.  That is, abstract labour, value, (money) is the working class.  And,
it is the working class who, as decline deepens and bites, evolve to become
the universal class.

It is not acceptable for those who hold to some understanding of value to
supply the working class with mis-information.  For example, some
mis-readings of value can suggest that capital and thus capitalist society
*are not* transitory.
This can and has lead to reaction.



PS:  the sooner, for example, that the working class come to awareness that
labour does not have to take the form of value the better.  That is, this
society can be binned more quickly when our class have a rational vision of
socialist society.  Fortunately for the working class the effects of value
in decline are universally felt and require no local translation.  Else,
some may be inclined to make a quick buck.

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