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Mon Dec 31 09:55:44 MST 2001

The Textbook of Marxist Philosophy, reprinted July 1974, printed in Russian
1937 at the Leningrad Institute of Philosophy and edited under the direction
of M. Shirokov,  is of course as stated previously, thick with ideology.

For reasons which are valid for comrade Jim he chooses to isolate the word
"price" and talk about value but what was quoted was a concept called the
externalization of  value. This is cool.

Perhaps if I once again dismiss the thick ideological form of the writing we
can get to the dialectic of development.

Comrade, answer the question of "the law of the tendency of the rate of
profit to fall," which happen to be the exact wording of Engel's in his
editing of Capital Volume 3. I allow room for the individual to access the
information to anaylise the different oscillation in the price of
commodities, their absolute and relative fall in value and price and the
movement of capital from one sector to another in search of maximum profits.

It is one thing to scream to the high heavens that one has prostituted Marx
before the citadels of capital. It is nothing thing to prove on the basis of
common sense, the elementary meaning of Marx and allow another generation to
assimilate revolutionary conclusions.

What Comrade Jim wrote about value and human labor in the abstract defies the
most elementary common sense understanding of Marx. Yet, I love that passion
because it represents a spontaneous understanding of the inequities of
capitalist mode of production.

I of course will not stop using the Textbook of Marxist Philosophy as a
reference until someone rewrites this text without the thick ideology. I am
familiar with some of the writing in the arena of the era of the Soviet
Revolution and have an opinion based on concepts of that time and am willing
to write about in specific detail.

I accept the gauntlet comrade; actually I love it when someone hurled down
the gauntlet.

Man, I don't have nothing to lose but my chains. Neither does any of us
generally speaking.

Let's rock.

PS. In the meantime I am going to play a lottery number before the cut off
time for the mid-day drawing happens.

Joe Freemen.

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