Forwarded mail from Anthony (value)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Dec 31 13:59:30 MST 2001

To rectify another one of Jim Drysdale's misunderstandings.

Jim wrote, "I, of course, holding to the spirit of Marxism would never
dream of charging Anthony, as I unpackage much of the misinformation that
he possesses vis a vis *value*. Or, should I say *attempt* the above."

Don't worry Jim- I would never dream of paying you for the service.

However, I am willing to continue discussing the different opinions Jim
and I have on the subject on the subject of use value. I only ask that he
refrain from his condescending attitude - especially in the absence of any
reason for him to condescend to anyone on this list or elsewhere on the

All my best, Anthony

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