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Mon Dec 31 18:48:44 MST 2001

Re: A few questions and comments about Argentina

I have to admit that I am behind the curve when it comes to the pace of
events in Argentina. I hope Nestor and other comrades there can help me
and others come up to speed.

My first question is,

Why were there no, or almost no, mobilizations defending Saá, and
demanding he stay in office?

My second question is, what next?

My third question is, what about the measures Saá announced as his
program, i.e. non payment of the foreign debt, job creation, etc.?

My fourth question is, Is Saá really planning to run for president?

Although I do not have all the facts, it seems that Saá himself did
nothing to mobilize the masses behind him against the rightwing of
Peronism. He simply wrote a statement, and gave up.

His actions, do not seem to represent a return to the traditions of mass
mobillization of Peronism.

Or, maybe Saá and his faction are up to something I can not see from here.

All the best, Anthony

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