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Tony Abdo aabdo at
Thu Feb 1 02:43:50 MST 2001

'Fast Food Nation' looks like a much more interesting book than the
picture given by the brief review in the New York Times.

There is no doubt that the wave of 'fast food' in the US has produced an
immense wave of health problems.    Why?     The answer is in that the
'fast food' counter=revolution has represented a bringing in of the
factory mode and mindset, into the personal, individual life of the
public.     Direct to the belly.

People in the US now eat factory produced food, in a factory imposed
rhythm.      And this has led to a whole factory consumer mode in other
areas of personal life, also.

How did 'fast food' arrive, and under what pretenses?     It arrived
under the wave of using 'science' to 'improve' storage life and product
quality.     Chemistry (and the chemical industry) was necessary for
this.    It was encouraged in the name of progress.     Now people would
have more time!      Especially the liberated women!

Net result?     More cancer, more diabetes, more depression, more
obesity, degraded food quality.      More white flour, more fat in meat,
more frying, more salt, more chemicals.

Less free time, more factory time.     Now, every US home is the
factory, as is almost every US mind.     "More' must be produced.
More must be eaten.     More must be consumed.

Most Americans would defend all of this as being 'safer'.      'Science'
has made our food safer!

Tony Abdo

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