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Johannes Schneider wrote:

> Richard Fidler wrote:
> > Xxxx, I have a few questions for you, prompted by your very interesting
> post of
> > Jan. 30 (Digest 3161). I hope you will take the time to address them.
> >
> > 2. You indicate that the Kurdish opposition in Turkey unanimously favours
> > secession - not just the PKK but the whole left, as do the bourgeois
> leaderships
> > (Barzani, the PUK).
> >There is a misunderstanding: The KDP(Barzani) and the PUK(Talabani) are
> >organisations active in Iraqi Kurdistan (or South-Kurdistan, how the PKK
> >would say). They have clashed several times with PKK forces in recent years
> >and have been frequently colaborating with the Turkish military against the
> >PKK.

Barzani and Talabani  forces  have also been collaborating with *US* forces to
gain autonomy from the Iraqi government. Accordingly, it is no wonder that they
are collaborating with the Turkish military who collaborates with US against
Saddam. Reactionary Kurdish opposition, Turkey, US share the same enemy: Saddam.
The 1991 uprising and the humanist intervention, which established a
_proctected_ zone in Northen Iraq, led the Kurdish opposition to proclaim a
federated state under the supervision of Allies, as I noted previously. Will you
tell me that Saddam is an imperalist agent too because he opposes this
federation now?

> >me advocating some sort of autonomy.
> >In this respect the Kurdish question is similiar to Kosovo: Denial of
> >self-determination and imperialist interference in the name of protecting
> >minorities within existing states.

A sectarian mistake.. Kosovars were not a colonized nation. Yugoslavia was *not*
an imperialist state. Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)  was a proto fascist movement
backed by the US . In  "the name of protecting minorities within existing
states",  the purpose was to get rid of  Milo and consolidate US power in
Balkans.. There is nothing progressive about Kosovo nationalism.  I hope you
clarify what you mean by "denial of self-determination" above (as it applies to


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