When to support nationalism

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Thu Feb 1 02:43:56 MST 2001

> I wouldn't be surprised at all about the Quebec nationalists of the 1930s
> beling linked with fascism.  This would indicate a certain commonality
> between Quebec nationalism, Scottish nationalism and Croatian nationalism.

Phil: I only mention the history of De Gaulles visit because it was the first
incident of bourgeois proportions. Go do a bit of a study of the following
organizations: Parti Quebecois: the provincial seperatists. Very left-nationalist,
always have the highest percentage of union support, have actively carried out
nationalisations, increased funding for the schools and the hospitals...etc. Compare
them to the federalist party of Quebec, the Quebec Liberals. Not even close.

Do the same for the Bloc Quebecois on the federal stage, vs. either of the
traditional ruling parties, PC or Liberal (or for that matter the NDP!!) and the
respective platforms of each. BQ come out ahead. In point of fact, the BQ had easily
the best platform on the homeless issue in the country, which to me is somewhat of a
dividing line considering that that isn't a "constituency" to be counted on for any
form of support.

Then, the best group to look at is the FLQ, which Lou mentioned. These people were
definitely revolutionaries (although the measures used to stop them were far beyond
their actual threat), and were part of a movement that had existed for some years,
culminating in the kidanpping of Cross and Laporte. The group had kidnapped the
minister of labour (to demonstrate the class conflict, and he was executed- for
`crimes against the people' after being `convicted' in compliance with the deaths of
the miners who were being super-exploited in the towns of inner Quebec, like
Asbestos, and sometimes died in "accidents") and the (I forget the official title)
representative of the Queen in the province, to demonstrate the national question.
The cells that did the operations were entirely autonomous within the FLQ, to provide
shelter from infiltration (CSIS[Canadian Secret Intelligence Service] had a huge
anti-Quebec Nationalist spy ring at the time). The cell that eventually whacked
Laporte (Cross was released, scared but unharmed) basically destroyed the fervour
that was growing rapidly in Quebec at the time. People were actually talking about an
independent socialist state in the middle of North America throughout the province
(nation, if you like). This cell, by it's actions, went wayyyy beyond anywhere the
people of Quebec were ready for yet. But up until then, the prarie was getting dry,
achingly dry....


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