Fwd (ABC): Indonesian MPs accept Wahid corruption report

Alan Bradley alanb at SPAMelf.brisnet.org.au
Thu Feb 1 02:55:48 MST 2001

>From the ABC website (http://www.abc.net.au):

Indonesian MPs accept Wahid corruption report

Indonesian Members of Parliament have accepted a damaging report
implicating President Abdurrahman Wahid in two corruption scandals.

Lawmakers will now decide whether to officially censure the President.

A majority of parliamentary members have accepted the findings of an
investigation report into two financial scandals alleging that President
Wahid illegally accepted $4 million from the Sultan of Brunei and that
people acting on his behalf stole $8 million from a government agency.

The report concludes that President Wahid abused his power.

President Wahid is Indonesia's first democratically elected leader, but the
scandals have led to mounting calls for him to resign.

Outside the Indonesian Parliament, hundreds of supporters and opponents of
the President are locked in an angry standoff, kept apart by riot police.

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