Yes, Michael Yates, please tell us

Richard Fidler rfidler at
Thu Feb 1 07:42:16 MST 2001

>>Here are some remarks I made at a conference held at the Univ. of Pennsylvania
Law School on Jan. 26, 2001 in Philadelphia. For list members outside of the
U.S. the Wagner Act was the first broad federal law to protect the rights of
working people enacted in the U.S. Comments are welcome. I would be happy to say
a few things about the conference if anyone is interested. It was an interesting
experience in class distinction, academic careerism, the lack of any connection
or understanding between most academics and working people, and the utter lack
of class consciousness among the technical workers (engineers who struck Boeing
last year)whose president a presentation. <<

Michael Yates posted an excellent speech he gave at a conference to the list a
couple of days ago. I just re-posted it to a left-wing lawyer friend who teaches
labour law, and noticed again Michael's offer to tell us about the conference. I
just want to say, yes, please do.

Richard Fidler

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