Colombia conference

Ron Jacobs rjacobs at
Thu Feb 1 07:49:15 MST 2001

Colombia Action Network Founding Conference
Chicago, IL ~ April 7-8
The conference will bring together activists from around the country to
learn from eachother & make joint action plans for the coming year. The
conference will include guest speakers who are activists from Colombia.
Activists are starting to plan our founding conference, and we need your
help. To join the activist list serve and help with planning, send a
message to activistcolombia-subscribe at

> On-line registration materials will be available soon.
> We need help getting the word out: Please send us addresses, fax numbers,
and e-mail addresses for activist groups you think would be interested in
receiving information about this conference. Materials will be going out in
about a week, so please send informations soon.

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