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Nouriel Roubini's Global Macroeconomic and Financial Policy Site (data on
East Asian crisis, etc.)

Socialist Register (Leo Panitch-editor) website

Marcus Green's Leftist Links Archive

Rebuilding the Left: a conference for the Canadian radical movement

Working papers in economics (includes Marxists)

International Working Group on Value Theory

Save Pacifica: struggle to maintain community-based, free speech, radical

James and Grace Lee Boggs Center (legendary Detroit-based revolutionaries)

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Center

Journal of Indigenous Thought

November Coalition: advocates enlightened drug policies

Efficacy: also advocates enlightened drug policies

Temple of Democracy: fights against neo-Confedrate movement (tied to John
Ashcroft's nomination & Dixie flag, etc.)

Bill Mandel: Veteran radical economist

Scottish Socialist Party: new non-sectarian revolutionary party; MP Tommy
Sheridan is leader

New Socialist Group: Canadian non-sectarian formation led by David McNally;
similar to Solidarity in the U.S.A

Pop and Politics: Website of young African-American journalist Farai Chideya

The World's Water: tracks availability of fresh water and threats to same,
created by Peter Gleick

Free Mumia!: information on struggle to defend black liberation activist
facing death penalty website of Dave Chandler, Colorado environmentalist

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee French/English site tracks misdeeds of multinationals

Radio 4 all: supports fight for noncorporate radio

Institute For Policy Studies: Washington based left-liberal think-tank

Organization for Democratic Action: Israeli activists defending Palestinian

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