Saddam, Kurdistan and Kosovo

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Feb 1 16:25:24 MST 2001


> For the last two days Albanian demonstrators have been attacking NATO troops
> with Molotov cocktails in Mitrovica:
> Lets see what course events are going to take.

Actually, to toot my own mini horn, I have been expecting as much. The KLA
mercenaries were not pulled out of thin air, but rather a collage of many types of
nationalists among the Albanian population of Kosovo, Albania and a few others. While
there were some KLA "long timers"- like a man named Demaci- most were thrown together
quickly, and held together by the idea that Nato would "give" them the little pond in
which they would get to be the big fish. The internal divisions among the KLA-
between those who are happy with Nato there, and those who are now adamant that Nato
meant well, helped them against the evil Yugoslavs, etc. but has to be fought to rid
the region of occupiers.

Not only revolutionaries believe in independence from foreign powers. There will be
more clashes between KFOR and Albanians. The German and other mercenaries who fought
alongside the KLA have long since gone home with their pay cheque.


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