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Concerned Friends of WBAI will be holding an Emergency General
Meeting on Saturday, February 3 at 7:00 pm at St. Paul and St. Andrew
Methodist Church, at the corner of 86th St. and West End Avenue in
Manhattan (1,2 or 3 trains to 86th St., then walk west one block).

Among the major topics will be:

a) a final decision on what stand and actions to take about the WBAI
Pledge Drive (which begins next Wed., Feb. 7) and about establishing
an alternative fund; and

b) a presentation by Juan Gonzalez, the former Democracy Now! cohost
who resigned on-air this week to help organize a national campaign to
drive the corporate hijackers off of the Pacifica National Board and
help democratize the network.

There will be other business as well.

We are sorry to call a meeting on a Saturday night, but it was the
only time we could find a large enough space. Our movement is gaining
rapid momentum, and we have much work to do quickly if we are to win.
Remember that John Murdock's horrendous proposed by-laws rewrite may
be voted on by the Pacifica National Board at its March 3-4 meeting
in Houston. So we hope you can join us Saturday night.

Also, the Coordinating Committee will hold its next meeting on
Saturday, Feb. 3 at 5 pm to set the agenda for the 7pm meeting and
discuss other business. We are still seeking a location, preferably
in the Upper West Side. More info to come soon.


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