Election In Qld - She's Baaack!!

Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Thu Feb 1 21:15:06 MST 2001

Queensland goes to the polls on Feb 17.  The election has been dominated
until just the last few days by the Labor Party Rorts scandal.  I have
written about that and will post on it later on tonite.  However what is
much more interesting is the sudden re-materialisation of the spectre that
has been haunting the rural areas of Qld.  Like something out of a Stephen
Kin novel, Pauline Hanson is once more on the trail.  She has reached out
of the grave and strangled the leading Conservative politician, former
Premier Rob Borbidge.  Rumours are that her Part One Nation is back on 23%
in the polls and rising.  the National Party which has traditionally
governed Qld is broke and deeply divided.  Borbidge wanted to refuse
preferences to One Nation candidates but got rolled.

Hanson had been ignored by the Mass Media.  She had been hounded by the
courts.  There had been resignations and defections from her party.  But
still she is back.  Like the child that stubbornly insists on shitting in
his pants rural Qlders are going to defy their betters and vote for her in
their thousands.

This is the rightwing backlash against economic liberalism and
modernity.   I never advocate being spooked by crypto-fascist, extreme
rightwingers.  But I do not go along with those Marxists who casually hitch
their wagon to capitalist modernity and igore the residual or as Ernst
Bloch put it the non-synchronous.

Pauline Hanson's re-emergence pulls everything to the right imho.  It
closes things down and does not open anything up. Feb 18 could be the night
when there is a major re-organisation of the right in Queensland and that
could be important for the Federal Poll.



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