Quentin Hogg - a query.

Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Thu Feb 1 22:21:16 MST 2001

I am working on an article on Cultural studies and am engaged with the
thought of my boss John Hartley, Dean of Creative Industries, QUT,
Brisbane.  In an article published in Geraghty and Lusted collection  on
Television Studies, Hartley takes a few shots at Raymond Williams.

There is an obvious dislike between two Welshmen.  This is translated into
a rather intemperate attack on Williams's commitment to democracy.

Hartley quotes from Williams complaining about having to watch a quiz show
containing William Rushton & Quentin Hogg. this for Hartley is proof of
Williams' radical hostility to the pop-ular and to social democracy.

Hogg who was a High troy gets recruited to the Social Democratic camp on
the strength of his vote for Bevereidge's Social welfafre reforms in 1943.

Now I would be grateful if British listers could help me here.  Hogg I know
went on to become Lord chancellor under the Thatcher regime.  did he
preside over any famous cases such as the appeals of the Guildford Four  or
the Birmingham Seven.  Any dirt on Hogg would be wvery welcome.

& when did the old Tory dog die?



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