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> Now I would be grateful if British listers could help me here.  Hogg
> I know
> went on to become Lord chancellor under the Thatcher regime.  did he
> preside over any famous cases such as the appeals of the Guildford
> Four  or
> the Birmingham Seven.  Any dirt on Hogg would be wvery welcome.
> & when did the old Tory dog die?

For whatever its worth Quintin Hogg (Lord Halisham) gets several mentions
in Ben Rogers' biography of the logical empiricist philosopher A.J. Ayer.
Hogg attended Eton at about the same as Ayer, where he is described
as having been "...a highly strung Colleger who was later to rise to the
top of the Conservative party, particularly enjoyed wielding the cane and
although Freddie claimed in public not to bear any grudge, he spoke
about him in different terms in private."

It is also mentioned that the in the late 1930s the philosopher J.L.
particpated in the campaign against Quintin Hogg because of
his support of appeasement in "famous 'Munich by-election' fought
in Oxford in October 1938."  There Austin "...and a colleague, the
classicist E.R. Dodds, made it their business to stalk Hogg from
meeting to meeting, heckling him... It was Austin who coined the
slogan, 'A vote for Hogg is a vote for Hitler.'"  Hogg, it should be
noted won that by-election and went on to a long career as
a Tory MP and was a member of several Tory cabinets in
the late 1950s and early 1960s, and he also served as party
leader for a time too.

One well known qote that is attributed to him is "If you don't give the
people social
reforms they are going to give you social revolution." He apparently
that around the time that the post-WW II Labour government was
embarking on a series of nationalizations.

Hogg was appointed Lord Chancellor by Ted Heath in 1970 in
which he served for twelve years.  I don't know if he presided
over any the cases that Gary mentioned.  I think that most
of those came up under appeal after Hogg's time as Lord

Jim F.

> regards
> Gary

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