Kosova Albanians (Re: Saddam, Kurdistan and Kosovo (Re: Questions for Xxxx (was: When to support nationalism?))

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Fri Feb 2 07:09:05 MST 2001

Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx:

> Will you
> tell me that Saddam is an imperialist agent too because he opposes this
> federation now?

I think we agree on the character of the Kurdish protectorate and Iraq has
every right to oppose it.
Still I doubt whether Saddam is a principled anti-imperialist. After all the
US decided to leave the backbone of the Iraqi army intact after the Gulf war
and did not occupy Baghdad. US support for the Shiite uprising in the South
and the Kurdish uprising in the North was merely rhetorical.
The US preferred Saddam to an independent Kurdish state in the North as a
result of a Kurdish uprising, and a strenghtening of more miltant Islamic
currents in Iran as a result of a Shiite uprising. The question remains:

> I was not drawing a prallel between Yugoslavia and Turkey. Yugo under Milo
> *not* cooperate with imperialist powers. That is why he was overthrown and
> replaced by US backed  Kustanica forces. They disunited Yugo, and got it.
> there is a mandate over Yugo. In the case of KLA, didn't it run Kosovo
> NATO occupation? In Jared's interview below, some anti secessionist
> themselves are admitting that US was heavily involved with KLA, and KLA
> got support from US & Germany? Wasn't it  a little bit bizarre for KLA  to
> for secession when Yugoslavia was being bombed? It seems those
> demands *coincided* with US interests to divide Yugo.

I think you slightly misinterpret imperialist policies in the region: It is
right that what was Yugoslavia was actively divided by imperialist states,
mainly Germany and the US, to a lesser extent France and Britain. But there
was still a consent not to question the borders of the Yugoslav republics.
As a result of such a policy the Serbs of the Krajina and Eastern Slavonia
were denied their self-determination and the imperialists encouraged and
assisted eventually the Croatian state of driving them out of their homes.
( the classic case of ethnic cleansing). In Bosnia-Hercegovina a solution
was imposed none of the peoples wanted. The Croat parts are denied the right
to join Croatia and the Serb parts were denied the right to join the new
Yugoslav federation.
Foolishly Kosovars thought after Dayton, that imperialism really cared for
them and would impose a solution on Yugoslavia. But an independent Kosovo
was never the West's policy: As I have pointed out in a previous post the
Albanian question is not confined to Yugoslavia, but would have drawn
Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and perhaps even Turkey into an armed
conflict. Furthermore anything beyond Kosovar autonomy within Yugoslavia
would have questioned Dayton and the justification of Croatia's borders.
Furthermore the West prefered to utilize the Albanians as a political power
_inside_ Yugoslavia. Their are countless laments in the Western press about
the foolishness of the Albanians, not to join the internal Yugoslav
opposition to Milosevic.
The KLA emerged largely independent from imperialist interference. The key
factor for the KLA's rise was the collapse of the Albaninan state and the
subsequent flow of arms into Kosovo. Most of the 90ties Rugova and Bukhosi
were the West's man.
When the KLA had risen as a miltary factor the West tried to control it and
was partly successful. In this context imperialist agencies provided some
limited support to the KLA. But still during the bombing of Yugoslavia the
KLA was _not_ armed by NATO, because the KLA's ultimate goal of a joint
state for all Albanians runs contrary to NATO's intentions.


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