The danger of lollipops

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Feb 2 07:34:27 MST 2001

Magnus Bernhardsen wrote:

> The International Socialists in Norway handed out 'lollipops' in the 40
000-strong anti-nazi demonstration in Oslo yesterday. As you can see from
this picture, the racist politician Vidar Kleppe marched with the
IS-lollipop. He-he...

Hi Magnus,

I took a look at the whole series of photographs. It looked like a sort of
PR event for the Norwegian royal family. Was there any more political
content, than 'It is not in the national interest to kill immigrants.

Sorry about my ironic tone, but we have been seeing in Germany a whole bunch
of state-'anti-racism'  recently. Seeing all those princes, ministers and
even the NATO general secretary among the demonstrators made me think the
Oslo demonstartion must be of the same kind.

BTW: The Oslo demonstration was among the top news items this morning here.


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